Monday, August 19, 2013

Final 2 days of the Logan trip

The Garmin gps lead us to this family restaurant.

Evidently it is supposed to be haunted.

You couldn't prove it by me.

She had a story to tell, but I still didn't buy the shirt.

When  we were ready  to leave, the bikes started just fine. However,  I think the ghost  may be putting a n  extra space or two in this post.

I think it was on the Discovery channel.

Looks like it might be a nice sunrise.

Not bad for and over the shoulder shot.

I was trying on the rest of these.

We might be heading into a little rain

The morning light on the mountains brought out their beautiful colors.

Sherm followed me through the canyon on his new Wing. We are connected with CB's and they really make it nice to be able to hold a conversation while riding.

So long till next year, unless of course I get to take the Labor Day loop with Mal and Corvette in Colorado.......

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Logan Day 3

The Utah VROC folks did a great job of feeding us each evening.

The volunteer chefs were outstanding.

and there was no lack of volunteer eaters either.

A minor weather disturbance mad for a pretty sunrise.

Sherm was the first at the breakfast setting today.

He left plenty for me.

This might be a Catholic church, I'm not sure

At first I thought this was a Ural......

.....but now I think it is one of the original Beamers that the Russians copied way back when.

Looking back toward town as I was heading up Logan canyon.

Several dams along the river created these small reservoirs.

Beautiful rock formations along both sides the entire length of the canyon.

In that shallow cave lie the beginnings of a full creek.

I passed this in Randolph, UT

The road between Woodruff and Huntsville was another beautiful, twisty, canyon road.

There were a lot of bikes out today traveling this route in both directions.

I like the white bark on the Aspens

The oldest bar in Utah

The stuff inside wasn't old, but was designed to keep you there.

I had a real nice lunch here.....I don't think I will ever need to eat again.

This was the very first house buile in Huntsville

Mr. Hunt built it....who'd of thunk!

They wanted you to think you were riding a chair lift while eating your BBQ was meant for having fun at the Lake