Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sherm's bike vault is full.

His new wing came with Christmas lights.

This is all you get to see when crossing the Pat Tilhman Bridge.

The high rent district on the north shore of Lake Mead.

Nice view of Sherm's backside.

Perfect day to ride

Is that Larry King filling that wing? Where is his tie? These GW riders sure don't dress right!

Our highlight of the day was riding through Kolob Canyon.

It is a remote part of Zion Canyon NP.

Sherm carving the Canyon.

From carving to photographing.

The big mog comes in handy on these warm days!

More Canyon carving!

View looking away from the Canyon entrance.

Heading east on I-70 toward Richfield to finish 421 miles for the day.


  1. I just had a surge of envy. I need to get back on the road. Looks like a good time.