Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The last Day

I've been on the road since July 5th and will arrive home today July 23rd right after I get the brake recall done on my Goldwing. I wasn't too bad riding across the desert as I was only seeing temps in the mid 90's. As I was riding along, I kept seeing these orange things. Here's a picture.
I was talking to some long haul guys at the rest stop and they told me that the truckers called these Schneider eggs.

Here's one that hatched out!

Thanks Sherm

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 17 July 20th

This was my last dinner at the Solvang Rally. Sherm is the unofficial recorder of all events VROC and he is really appreciated for the great job that he does.

I've eaten way too well on this trip. I truly enjoyed every juicy morsel of this Cajun Rib Eye grilled perfectly to medium rare! I will soon dread the upcoming weigh in!

On Saturday the 20th of July, some of the So.Calif. Goldwing riders allowed me to join them for a very spirited ride the entire length of Hwy 2 from La Canada to Big Bear Lake for lunch. I really had to pay close attention to stay with the pack............but then that's the way  I like it. :)

Days 15 and 16

I don't know why I posted the worst of my ostrich pictures

The miniture horses are really cute

some are really tiny

At the miniature donkey farm they were mostly hungry

Skid seemed to understand them

I think one of the full sized on may have visited Hearst Castle

I saw this large table so our group decided to stay and eat at the Cold Springs Brewery

Not sure they brewed anything, our entire "Biker Gang" only ordered water.....<G>

You have to walk a 1/4 mile to get here and then you have to wait your turn. On top of the brick platform is the only place you can actually get the good view.

Neverland entrance

No one is welcome and I couldn't even find a place to sneak in......I did try!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Days 12, 13, and 14

This is a processing plant for bentonite near Lovelock, NV

Here it is before it has been mined.

At a rest stop on I-80 these catfish were obviously in school but I think they were on a field trip.

Emigrant Pass

I think the dam came after the settlers

I could have lived here when I was young and like adventure.

you can read this if you want...maybe I will later

I stopped by my sisters house. Probably had the best visit weve ever had. Thanks Eldonna, love you sis!

Public access to the beach in Carmel, CA

This guy sure was bold, I mean really, he just met her. :)

Final shot of the beach at Carmel after saying hello to a friend that lives here.

The coastal views made the frequent road construction stops bearable.

Morro Rock at Morro Bay

I love seeing these old cars as I ride down the highway. 58 Ford

Front view

Made it to the rally in Solvang

Rode our bikes to go look at more bikes.

Front direct drive radial engine on this one. There's no coming to  a complete stop on this one.

The powered wheel is how Briggs and Stratton got their start.

This is the most valuable bike in the collection. He turned down 1 million for this one from the Honda Motor Company.

You can read about it here.

This guy was almost as fast as me!

At $500,000 this one comes in second place as far as value.

More educational material

This bike is almost entirely carbon fiber.

They won't let you get lost out here........but we were

fortunately at the next intersection they set us straight!

however, the juries decision was not unanimous

Lavender fields forever

Some of the lavender products

Would you like a lavender bouquet?

This big tree decided to take a rest on this power poll

They became good friends and he decided to stay.

Very relaxing....maybe there is something to this lavender stuff!

Many vineyards and Wineries in this area.

I rode ahead then captured my friends coming out of a curve.

That's Skid (Jim) leading the ride with Sherm right on his...........

We felt bad for the older man that fell down the stairs. Praying that he will be fine.

Was it hot or cold out?

It couldn't be too bad, we ate outside.